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Hi! I'm Sarah.


I am originally from southern New Jersey, but am currently living on the road. My boyfriend and I have been working remotely since 2018 (yes, pre-COVID), allowing us to move throughout the country as much as we'd like. We are currently staying in Airbnb's to work for the week, then camp out of our Toyota Tacoma on the weekends.

But before our travels began, I accidentally threw a wrench into our lives. After eating a breakfast of eggs and sausage one Sunday morning, I was in the mood for a documentary. During my college years I had heard a lot about this film called Earthlings, and had heard that it was "horrible to watch", "scarring" and "brainwashing". Interest = peaked. I found it for free on YouTube and decided to see what all the negative hype was about.


Little did I know, that film would make me go vegan in under 20 minutes.

After seeing, hearing, and learning about the horrors of the food, clothing, and animal testing industries, I couldn't possibly bring myself to eat another animal product, wear makeup that caused suffering, or give another dollar to fund the cruelty. I immediately started clearing out my fridge, makeup drawers, and closet. My boyfriend saw me freaking out and said the film had "brainwashed" me and that this was just a phase (yes, I do go through a lot of phases). But I felt like I had seen the light.

I've always been mildly obsessed with animals (to put it lightly). I find a lot of comfort and happiness in their presence, and my Instagram feed is probably about 80% cute animal accounts. But I had grown up my entire life eating the "normal" diet of meat, eggs, and dairy, minus a 2-year phase in junior high when I went vegetarian, only to learn I was becoming anemic due to my poorly planned diet of solely cheese puffs and pasta. But I had never made the connection that the animals I always loved and cared for were also the ones ending up on my plate every day.


Well, that film slapped me across the face with that connection.

After my little freak-out, I hit the store to replace all my makeup with cruelty-free brands, stocked up on vegan essentials, and began gifting away my leather and suede. To this day, I have not only learned to love tofu and nutritional yeast, but also  continue to educate myself with the truth about the animal agriculture industry, no matter how had it is to hear. I continue learning new recipes, trying new foods, and researching product ingredients and ethics before purchasing them. I continue to celebrate small wins like waking up with less acne and bloating, having a smaller grocery bill, feeling better, having more energy, and going to sleep happier. My entire perspective about a "normal" diet has changed and, while the knowledge I have learned is immense, I keep learning new things on a daily basis.

So that's why I'm here! To share what I've learned, to recommend great cruelty-free and sustainable products I've found and regularly use, and to show how easy being vegan can really be - even if you decide to go all in and give up animal products in a day.

Now more two years later, my days consist of waking up in a new place every week, trying to make new recipes in unfamiliar kitchens in our Airbnb's or on our two-burner propane camp stove, and typically doing some outdoor activity after my day job. On weekends, we regularly hike 10-20 miles, put many miles on our truck, and find new beaches to surf or mountains to snowboard down. No, I don't struggle to get enough protein or calories. No, I don't just eat rice and beans. And no, I don't miss eating meat - I'm having too much fun exploring new vegan foods! While I'm still figuring out my journey, I am absolutely loving it, all while trying to appreciate every minute we have of this adventurous traveling lifestyle, and can't wait to see what recipes I can think of next.

​I hope you find some inspiration from my recipes and blog. All are welcome here, whether you are an omnivore, pescitarian, vegetarian, vegan, or just looking for some new fun content.

Follow along with my journey of being a traveling vegan, and never hesitate to reach out with questions or comments!

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