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Common Heir Sustainable 10% Vitamin C Serum Review

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Common Heir Sustainable 10% Vitamin C Serum Review

My skin is a nightmare. I've dealt with acne ever since I was a pre-teen and have been on and off different medications and topical creams ever since (including the dreadful Accutane). My acne seems to be like a roller coaster according to the seasons: when the weather begins to change, it'll freak out and break out, then adjust to the weather and be practically zit-free for a few months, and then the bumps will make a comeback with the next changing season. My travel lifestyle doesn't help either since we're always moving around from hot to cold climates, low and high elevations, dry to humid weather, and doing lots of physical activity and camping every weekend. My skin is either always too oily or too dry, and I'm always trying to balance it out. And don't even get me started on hormones.

So with all this acne coming and going, you can imagine I have a lot of acne scars. Luckily the scars and discoloration are camouflaged when I'm tan in the summer months, but then they get their revenge and make a full appearance the moment my tan begins to fade. This year before winter even hit, my skin decided it was time for it's annual debut of dry skin, zits, and acne scars.

But I had a secret weapon in my back pocket this time: Common Heir 10% Vitamin C Serum.

I first heard about Common Heir on an Instagram ad (yes, the targeted ads always get me). I was immediately intrigued by these tiny little puffy pink things that were being opened to reveal a luxurious clear serum inside that sounded like it was going to fix all my problems. I had used vitamin c in the past to tackle my acne scars, usually resorting to a lotion or cream that contained vitamin c in it, but I had never used a serum like this before. I was ready to give it a shot and hopefully keep my dry skin and acne at bay this winter. Plus their packaging was zero waster, plastic free, and super cute. Sold!

When my package arrived in the mail, I was pleased to find that their zero-plastic mission applied to their shipping materials as well. It arrived in minimal packaging: just a small cardboard shipping box with another cardboard container of the vitamin c serum capsules inside. I immediately opened the container and discovered a bunch of adorable pink little capsules inside.

Common Heir Sustainable 10% Vitamin C Serum Review

That evening I incorporated the Common Heir 10% Vitamin C Serum into my nighttime routine, and has now become one of my favorite parts of my routine. Twisting off the little tip of one of the pink capsules is super quick and easy, and there is a decent amount of the serum inside. The serum is silky smooth and I love to massage it into my skin evenly on my face, eyelids, neck, lips, and rub any extra serum into my hands. The serum absorbs quickly, leaving a shiny healthy glow to my skin. I like to seal it in with some light moisturizer so that I can wake up the next morning with totally hydrated skin. I've since learned that it's also great to use in the mornings to give me that long lasting glow all day long.

The little pink capsules are amazingly innovative. They look and feel like plastic, but they're actually totally made from plants and 100% biodegradable! Common Heir explains that "We ditched the pump and created a world-first vessel to deliver this power-packed formula... Empty capsules can be simply thrown out or melted down in a glass jar with boiling water."

Common Heir Sustainable 10% Vitamin C Serum Review

So cool! After a few days of using the serum and collecting the empty capsules, I was ready to try this little science experiment at home. I put a few of the empty capsules in a glass, filled it with almost boiling hot water, and within minutes the capsules had disappeared. Then I poured the water down the sink, with peace of mind knowing I was not causing any harm to the environment.

And it gets better. In addition to their zero-plastic efforts, Common Heir also gives back. "We're members of 1% for the Planet and partner with Ocean Blue Project to donate $1 from every email signup, equivalent to removing one pound of micro-plastics from the ocean. - We donate 1% annual sales - Ocean Blue Project partner - Carbon neutral shipping"

It's been about a month since I've started using the Common Heir Vitamin C Serum and I'm super happy to say that dry skin is a thing of the past, and my acne scars seem to be slowly fading. I'm still experiencing the occasional breakout and chapped lips from snowboarding season, but I'm hoping as my skin continues to balance out, those breakouts will calm down for a while. I'm looking forward to continuing using this serum to further reduce my acne scars, prevent wrinkles, and keep my skin hydrated throughout the changing seasons, and am happy to partner with a brand that puts such a large emphasis on sustainability and environmentalism!

Common Heir Sustainable 10% Vitamin C Serum Review

✓ Plastic free packaging ✓ Silicone free ✓ Fragrance free ✓ Paraben, phthalates, PEG free

✓ Biodegradable ✓ Free shipping ✓ Carbon neutral shipping ✓ 30 day refund policy

✓ Woman owned business ✓ Leaping Bunny certified ✓ And of course: Animal friendly

​​​​Cost: 2 month supply = $88 (one time purchase) or $74.80 (subscription)

Free shipping on all orders

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I was provided with a month supply of Common Heir Vitamin C Serum in exchange for an honest review and social media content. There are no affiliate links in this post and I do not work for Common Heir. Some images from this post were taken from the Common Heir website and I do not own them.


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