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HEALBE GoBe3 Smart Band Review

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HEALBE GoBe3 Smart Band Review

I always thought I drank enough water. It's such a crucial part of our health, yet such a neglected necessity by so many. Water intake can directly effect skin, sleep, mood, energy, digestion, gut health, and so much more, and I'm ALWAYS trying to fix or better my skin, so drinking lots of water has been a daily goal of mine ever since I can remember. I try to drink around three full Nalgene's, which is a total of 90 ounces per day. Technically my body should only need about 70-80 ounces according to a few calculators on Google, but I like to try and go the extra mile.

But the issue with those calculators on Google is they're not very customizable. You simply input your weight, activity level, and sometimes whether you live in a hot, cold, or temperate environment. The issue for me is that every day and every week is totally different. Living on the road, we're constantly switching between hot and cold climates, low and high elevations, and light and strenuous activities. Some days I barely take 500 steps while working from a tiny studio Airbnb, and other days I can conquer 10 miles during a hike. Some weeks I'm super lazy and other weeks I'm an exercise fiend. Obviously, the amount of water and calories my body requires shifts with those changes, so I figured I could either bookmark a water intake calculator on my internet browser and calculate out how much water I need depending on the day, or get a fitness tracker that figures it out for me.

HEALBE GoBe3 Smart Band Review
I chose the easier option and integrated a HEALBE GoBe3 smart band into my daily life. And I quickly learned that I was constantly dehydrated.

Sure, I had set a goal to drink a certain amount of water each day, but in reality I was rarely hitting it. No wonder I always had chapped lips and imbalanced skin! My GoBe3 would vibrate throughout the day with the message "DRINK MORE WATER" like it was yelling at me to take care of myself. So I started listening to the little persistent notifications on my wrist and now I always keep a full water bottle within arms reach.

By now you're probably wondering how the heck an accessory can tell you if you're dehydrated. According to their website, "GoBe smart bands use patented FLOW™ Technology and an impedance sensor to analyze changes in glucose concentration. As glucose concentration rises, cells absorb glucose and release water. The impedance sensor sends high and low-frequency signals through your tissue to measure the fluid moving in and out of your cells. FLOW™ Technology then applies this information to an advanced algorithm to analyze this data and determine calorie intake.... GoBe adjusts to YOUR body’s normal level of hydration because the way your body absorbs water is unique to you, just like the way it absorbs nutrients from food."

HEALBE GoBe3 Smart Band Review

So in addition to tracking water intake, it can also track calorie intake AUTOMATICALLY. Yes, it seriously sounds like magic, but it's all technology... which is perfect for me because I'm always either too busy or forget to manually enter things like water, calories, and exercise into a fitness app.

At first I was a bit skeptical. Tracking calories automatically? How could that possibly be accurate? I wanted to put it to the test and do a little comparison to make sure my smart band actually did what it claimed, and honestly had low expectations. So for the first few days of using my GoBe3 smart band, I also tracked everything I ate and drank in my tried and trusted MyFitnessPal mobile app that I've been using on-and-off for years. And sure enough, the GoBe3 smart band nailed the test. I was genuinely surprised and impressed at how accurate it tracked my calorie intake from food, how much I burned from exercise, and basal metabolism (what my body naturally burns just by being alive).

The GoBe3 Smart Band is way more accurate and much easier to use than estimating and logging every bite of food into a fitness app.

It's been about three weeks since I've started using by GoBe3 smart band and can say that it's easily become a natural part of my daily routine. It was simple to set up in the beginning (all you need to do is download the app, enter your personal info like height and weight, and sync the app with your smart band), and let technology do the rest.

The only downside to the GoBe3 is the battery life. It does require to be charged 2 hours a day, and you need to wear it for about 22 hours a day in order for it to accurately track your calorie intake. At first I thought was going to be really inconvenient, especially on the weekends when we travel and camp out of our truck, but charging it has actually been easy to incorporate into my routine. I wake up each morning and, like most people, reach for my phone first thing. I like to immediately open the app which automatically syncs the data from the smart band, spend a few minutes looking at my sleep, water, and calorie data, then take off my smart band and charge it for 2 hours while I start my work day. On the weekends, I try my best to charge it while we're driving or use a portable charging block when we're out and about. I wish it was possible to charge the smart band while wearing it because sometimes I do forget to put it back on (though now I've learned to set daily alarms on my phone to remind me to both charge it and then put it back on).

HEALBE GoBe3 Smart Band Review

Now let's talk about fit and design. I've never ever had a smart band, Apple watch, or anything that I wear consistently on my wrist. I did try out the FitBit for a little while, but would get stressed out if I didn't hit 10k steps and feel like I failed that day, so I stopped wearing it after a month. So long story short, I'm not used to wearing watches. Right out of the box, I loved the simple, sleek design and look of the smart band, but it did look a bit big and bulky to me. I tried it on and initially didn't care for the height of it on my wrist. It can be slightly inconvenient if you wear fitted long sleeved shirts, flannels, or skin-tight Under Armour thermal layers. But I did figure out a way around this by rotating the smart band so that the sensor hits the inside of my wrist in those cases and at night while I'm sleeping. So during the day, I wear the band a little above my wrist (kind of on my arm) so my wrist can move and bend freely, and doesn't get in the way while I'm typing on my laptop, then at night or during physical activities I turn the band to hit the inside of my wrist so it's out of my way but still collecting data. Easy fix!

Getting used to the size of the GoBe3 smart band was pretty quick, and was a small temporary inconvenience for a ton of benefit. Syncing my smart band to the app has become something I actually look forward to on a daily basis, so I try to wear it as much as possible. If I feel groggy, in a bad mood, or tired, I can check my sleep data and realize that maybe I had a bad night's sleep, or check my water intake to see if I'm dehydrated, then take steps to fix those issues. I also love the clock feature, which is convenient for checking the time without reaching for my phone and getting distracted by notifications, especially in the middle of the night.

HEALBE GoBe3 Smart Band Review

Overall I've been thoroughly impressed by the HEALBE technology and quality of my GoBe3 smart band. It arrived in the mail with plastic-free packaging, took just a few minutes to set up, and has been easily incorporated into my daily routine. This is a perfect accessory for those of you who are looking to learn more about your body, have weight loss or gain goals, want to better your hydration or sleep, and are too busy to use manual tracking fitness apps. Plus, at only $199 USD, it won't totally break the bank!

Now what would make this HEALBE GoBe3 Smart Band even better was if proceeds for each purchase were donated to an organization to better help the environment, animals, or a social cause. I also was unable to find any information on how to dispose of or recycle the smart band in case it breaks or if the rubber band gets worn out. I have reached out to HEALBE regarding these topics and will post an update here when I receive a response.

✓ Free US shipping on orders over $50 ✓ Worldwide shipping ✓ Plastic free packaging ✓ Splash-proof

✓ Easy to set up and use ✓ Free mobile app ✓ 30 day free returns ✓ 1 year warranty

✓ And of course: Animal friendly

​​​​Cost: $199.00

Free US shipping on orders over $50

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I was gifted a HEALBE GoBe3 smart band in exchange for providing an honest review and social media content. This post contains affiliate links where I may receive a discount or commission for this product at no extra cost to you.


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