How To Find Vegan Wine, Beer, and Alcohol

Did you know it’s actually quite challenging to find vegan red wine?

When I discovered the Barnivore website, I was SHOCKED at the types of processes used to make alcohol. See a few of those methods blow (screenshot from the Vegan Food and Living website).

I realized I couldn’t enjoy my favorite 19 Crimes red wine anymore. According to the Barnivore website, they stated in a company email from January 2019, "Fining agents that are used across our brand are: egg albumin, casein, gelatin, and isinglass." Not cool.

I had to quickly discover some new favorite brands. It's taken a while since every time I go to the liquor store now I have the Barnivore website open on my phone and am plugging in every cheap brand I can find. Luckily the website is so easy and fast to use it doesn't take me that long.

Here are a few of my go-to favorites and the rough prices I usually pay:


• Three Thieves ($8-9)

• Natura ($11)

• Red Truck ($14)

• Rascal ($12-13)


Let me know if you have any favorite vegan red wines and add them in the comments so I can try them!