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How To Find Vegan Wine, Beer, and Alcohol

By Vegan Recipes and Vibes

How To Find Vegan Wine, Beer, and Alcohol

Did you know it’s actually quite challenging to find vegan red wine?

When I discovered the Barnivore website, I was SHOCKED at the types of processes used to make alcohol. See a few of those methods blow (screenshot from the Vegan Food and Living website).

How To Find Vegan Wine, Beer, and Alcohol

I realized I couldn’t enjoy my favorite 19 Crimes red wine anymore. According to the Barnivore website, they stated in a company email from January 2019, "Fining agents that are used across our brand are: egg albumin, casein, gelatin, and isinglass." Not cool.

I had to quickly discover some new favorite brands. It's taken a while since every time I go to the liquor store now I have the Barnivore website open on my phone and am plugging in every cheap brand I can find. Luckily the website is so easy and fast to use it doesn't take me that long.

Here are a few of my go-to favorites and the rough prices I usually pay:


• Three Thieves ($8-9)

• Natura ($11)

• Red Truck ($14)

• Rascal ($12-13)


Let me know if you have any favorite vegan red wines and add them in the comments so I can try them!


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