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Opolis Optics Sustainable Sunglasses Review

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Opolis Optics Sustainable Sunglasses Review

I seem to go through pairs of sunglasses like they're going out of style. From scratching the lenses up, to breaking the hinges, to accidentally losing them on hiking trails. I don't try to be this way, but I've always been very hard on my stuff; either breaking, wearing out, or losing whatever accessory I'm addicted to. Unfortunately I can't count how many pairs of plastic sunglasses I've sent to live out the rest of their lives in landfills (for basically forever), but I also can't help but think many of them have gone to their plasticy deaths due to being cheap, flimsy, and made with low quality materials.

Opolis Optics Sustainable Sunglasses Review
Tribe shades + Florida sun + pool = vacation vibes

It seemed like I was constantly spending $15 at Walmart or $25 at Target for new sunglasses. They would last for a few months before breaking, getting so scratched up I couldn't see out of them, or stretching out so much that they wouldn't stay on my face no matter how many times I tightened the hinges. I was tired of shelling out time and money, so I decided it was time for an upgrade, while also making the switch to more eco-friendly shades so my contributions to the landfills could stop.

That's when I stumbled across the Opolis Optics brand, who were creating super stylish sunglasses made from plants and upcycled materials.

The Tribe style immediately caught my eye. I loved the sleek style of the rounded lenses, the inscription "the earth is all we have" on the inside of the arm, and the funky colors they offered like Blood Orange and Iceberg Jade. The Largo style looked like many other sunglasses I've had in the past, with the more classic boxy lenses that I tend to gravitate towards. On the Shop pages, they explain more about their Bio-Collection where "Each frame is made from plant based and natural materials consisting of cotton seeds, red pulp, and hemp making this product biodegradable." So cool! So when I inevitably lose them on a hiking trail, they'll just break down in the forest somewhere. (JK, I'm doing my very best to hang onto these ones... 5 months in and I'm going strong!).

Opolis Optics Sustainable Sunglasses Review
5 months of wear and not a single scratch

They are also coming out with a Stoked Plastic collection soon, expanding their sustainability efforts to create pairs made from recycled ocean plastic. Their website states that "PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) is one of the most commonly used plastics in single use consumer products. It is found in most water and soda bottles, and some packaging. Opolis is giving PET a second life through our rPET Stoked Plastic™ collection. We are removing the most common piece of garbage floating or sitting in our planet’s oceans and landfills and turning them into stunning, high-quality eyewear."

Opolis Optics Sustainable Sunglasses Review
Rocking the Largo shades in Maine

A few more upsides of going with the Opolis brand is that the sunglasses come in a brown vegan leather carrying case to keep them safe while not in use, the lenses are UVA/UVB polarized, and it gets even better:

for every Opolis’ Upcycled frame sold, a contribution will be made to 1% For The Planet and communities directly involved.

I was immediately sold on the Opolis brand, but I'm always super hesitant to gamble on a pair of sunglasses that I see online since I'm a big fan of trying on every pair at the store before choosing what looks best on my face. I took that gamble and ended up going the Tribe in the Marine Gray Dark Smoke and the Largo in Urchin Tortise Bottle Green.

Just a few days later and they arrived in a cardboard box with no plastic packaging in sight. Inside were two ocean-themed boxes, each containing a pair of shades, carrying case, and cleaning cloth. There was also a brochure explaining the materials used to make the sunnies and how to properly clean and care for them, as well as some cool logo stickers which I immediately stuck on my Hydroflask. I eagerly unboxed both of them and was impressed by the feeling of the frames. The colors I chose had a bit of translucence to them and they had that plastic shine, but they felt much thicker, sturdier and heavier duty than I expected. And I was pleasantly surprised that both pair fit me perfectly.

Opolis Optics Sustainable Sunglasses Review
Loving the UVA/UVB polarized protection

I love the look and style of the Tribe: they're a little smaller and frame my face beautifully. The Largo shades are slightly larger, which are great for outdoor activities since they seem to shield more of my face. The Largo shades are even perfect for my boyfriend, who's extra large head can't seem to fit into any pair of sunglasses. Both styles are also tight enough to stay on the top of my head for safe keeping, but not so tight that they cause those dreadful headaches after an hour.

As mentioned above, it's been 5 months and both pairs still look brand new, which is a big deal for someone who is very hard on their stuff, living in a truck, and traveling full time. Not a day goes by that I don't have a pair of Opolis Optics keeping the sun out of my eyes or my messy hair out of my face. They've seen strenuous hikes in Acadia National Park, the top of Mount Washington, waterfalls in New Hampshire, the forests of upstate New York, and are now currently protecting my eyes from the hot Florida sun. Soon they'll be traveling with me to Colorado and Utah for snowboarding, hiking, and mountain climbing.

To be honest, I'm 100% certain that the carrying case has prevented me from losing them, while keeping them protected and scratch-free (though the fact that their lenses are also scratch-resistant helps a ton). The case is big enough that it's easy to find in my bottomless pit of a backpack, but not too big where it wouldn't fit in the pocket of your sweatshirt. When we're traveling, they've found a home in the glove compartment of our truck so I always know where they are when adventure calls.

The reinforced metal hinges, scratch resistant lenses, and carrying case have made these sunglasses the perfect match for both my active lifestyle and for days I'm just lounging by the pool.

Let's face it, I'm probably not the only one out there who's hard on their stuff. So if you're like me, I'd recommend snagging a pair of these shades because trust me, they will hold up to the task. My only regret is not discovering Opolis Optics sooner since they would have saved me from tossing many cheap pairs of plastic sunglasses in the trash. I can tell that these are going to hold up for many years to come, and I'm proud to rock these super sustainable sunnies on a daily basis.

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✓ Made from plants or ocean plastic ✓ Sustainable and eco-friendly ✓ Upcycled materials

✓ UVA/UVB polarized lenses ✓ Scratch-resistant lenses ✓ Vegan leather carrying case

✓ Free shipping ✓ Won't break the bank ✓ Conscious sustainability efforts

✓ Donates to environmental organizations ✓ And of course: Animal friendly

​​​​Cost: $175 + shipping

Free US shipping on orders over $150

Use my affiliate discount code VEGANVIBES for 15% off your order

or subscribe to their newsletter for 10% off your order

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I was provided with free products in exchange for creating content for Opolis Optics. This post contains affiliate links where I may receive a discount or commission.


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