Support these Small, Vegan, and Sustainable Companies with your Holiday Shopping

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

12/2/2020 by Sarah Ottino - Not sponsored

I'm sure you're constantly seeing the "shop small" posts all over the internet already, even though it's only day 2 of the holiday season! Shopping small to support growing and local businesses is a great goal to have when purchasing gifts for your loved ones. But do you know what's even better than shopping small?

Shopping small, sustainable, and VEGAN!

When I instantly went vegan after watching Earthlings, I took an entire day to clean out my cosmetics drawer, clothes, and food so that I could replace them with vegan products instead. After a tiny bit of research, I discovered that there are SO many vegan companies out there that are worth my support and money, and many of them take additional efforts to be sustainable, ethical, low carbon or carbon-neutral, and donate proceeds to organizations and communities. Over the past year, I've found many many many companies that I love, and thought I'd provide a quick and easy list in case you'd like to support small vegan and eco-friendly companies during the holidays.


  • Orgain: delicious vegan protein powder; use the code "veganvibes" for 30% off

  • Fluffy Cow Coffee: coffee brand that donates 100% of proceeds to farm sanctuaries

  • Grounds and Hounds: coffee brand that donates 20% of proceeds to rescue organizations

  • Trupo Treats: vegan chocolate brand that donates to animal sanctuaries

  • Spicely Organics: organic vegan spices and they offer holiday eco gift boxes

  • Hungry Harvest: seasonal produce delivery service that saves food from going to the landfill

  • Misfits Market: seasonal produce delivery service that saves food from going to the landfill


  • Wolven: recycled materiel & carbon-neutral clothing (offers gift cards)

  • Wholesome Culture: recycled materials & donates 10% of proceeds to organizations

  • Sassy Spuds Shop: this is where I got my favorite "eat jam not ham" crew neck!

  • Pact: organic cotton, fair trade, and sustainable clothing

  • For Days: a zero waste, organic, closed-loop clothing company

  • Votch: watches made from vegan leather

  • NAE Vegan Shoes: shoes & accessories made from vegan leather recycled materials

  • Vessi Shoes: vegan and low carbon waterproof shoes

  • Rareform: bags and accessories made from recycled billboards

  • Melie Bianco: vegan leather bags

  • Pela Case: eco-friendly compostable phone cases and sunglasses.


  • Fre: clean skincare for athletes, plant a tree with your purchase; use code "orgfit" for 10% off

  • Biossance: sustainable clean beauty, glass containers; gift sets & sample sizes available

  • Eight Saints: clean beauty; gift their discovery kit for $20

  • Axiology: clean lipsticks; gift their new zero-waste lip crayons

  • Bite: clean lipsticks powered by superfoods

  • Au Natural: vegan handcrafted natural makeup

  • Act + Acre: clean hair care, sustainability efforts, refill program to reduce waste

  • Wandering Goods: personal care products; I'm hooked on their vegan chapstick

  • Myro Deodorant: deodorant with refill pods to reduce waste



  • Sand Cloud: sustainable beach towels, 10% of profits donated to marine conservation

  • Ecogear: hiking packs made from recycled water bottles

  • Sleeping bags: check out this great list from Vegan Outdoor Adventures

  • Klean Kanteen: reusable bottles, carbon neutral, donates to environmental organizations

  • Alpine North: vegan coats with synthetic filling and faux fur

  • Baretraps: winter boots made with faux fur, faux suede, and leather upper

  • Yew Clothing: sustainable sportswear for men & women (based in London)

  • Paramo: sustainable outdoor clothing with recycling efforts (based in UK)

  • Ethical Wares: vegan shoes, clothing, and accessories (based in UK)


  • Bookstores: visit your local bookstore and pick up a few books your loved ones might enjoy

  • Jewelers: explore a local farmer's market or main street and look for unique jewelry

  • Home decor: visit small home stores for gift ideas instead of visiting Pier 1 or Target

  • Kat Maus Haus: illustrations and designs

  • KT's Canvases: digital prints, custom pet prints, stickers, notebooks and more

  • Wooden Sense: creative wooden cut-outs and paintings

  • Juniper Foxx: the fox paw print paintings are super cute, and painted by rescued foxes!


  • Local restaurants: pick up a gift card to a vegan restaurant in town

  • Local small market grocers: support small grocers that sell vegan products

  • Etsy: support small and local artists

  • Society6: support small and local artists

  • Groupon: purchase tickets for a local activity/event, or give a Groupon gift card

These are just a few of the many brands out there with great ethics and sustainability efforts, so if you have a favorite brand that you love supporting, please feel free to list them in the comments section below! Happy shopping!

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